Operationalize SBOMS​
Easily produce software bill of materials and know your third-party risks​

SBOM Generation

SBOM Ingestion

Only use open-source code that you trust​
Detect risks, block attacks and innovate without disruption​

Internal Observability

Know the components used in your software supply chain and the risks impacting your applications.

Third-Party Risk Management
The ability to ingest SBOMs automates third-party risk acceptance, provides detailed commentary on the software supply chains of suppliers and instantly identifies if vendors are impacted by the latest threats.
Phylum Research
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Rust Malware Staged on Crates.io
Phylum successfully identified and stopped the publication of malicious packages to the Rust ecosystem, Crates.io.
Sophisticated, Highly-Targeted Attacks Continue to Plague npm
Packages found communicating with C2 servers waiting for commands from attackers.
Targeted npm Malware steals company source code
Packages uncovered exfiltrating source code to an attacker controlled FTP server...