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Automate software supply chain security to stay continuously informed of risks, block zero-day attacks, and enforce compliance and governance.
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Block Zero-Day Software Supply Chain Attacks
Phylum defends applications at the perimeter of the open-source ecosystem and the tools used to build source code. ​

Phylum offers analysis across five domains, blocks threats before entering the developer workstation

Alternative vendor scans for vulnerabilities and licenses only, allows malicious code to be used
Trusted by global leading organizations
Contextualize risks, prevent threats, achieve governance and enable secure innovation
Package Firewall
Threat Feed of Zero-Day Software Supply Chain Attacks
SBOMs & Third-party Risk
Software Supply Chain Risk & Governance
Open-Source Ecosystems & Data Feeds
Package Managers
JavaScript Package Manager
Apache Maven
Python Package Index
Microsoft NuGet
Rust Crate Registry
Ruby Package System
Phylum Research
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“Phylum truly allows my team to identify and address open-source software supply chain risk before a compromise occurs.
"It was really critical for us to be able to really operationalize this quickly. So fortunately, Phylum was quick to deploy. It was a simple registration process, as I recall correctly. I was authorized via email and then use a quick-start guide to get the project started within like 15 minutes. So that was pretty quick.
Jeff Hudesman
CISO at Pinwheel
“Phylum is winning over customers because it offers them greater value than do rivals.”
"Incumbents did a decent job of helping companies analyze the legal risks related to open source licenses; however, they were less effective at identifying and solving the problem of malicious software embedded in the open source code. The biggest problem with existing solutions was that they wasted the time of information security professionals."
“Only one that puts gates in place to block the malicious code before it gets into our system."
We spent so much time looking for which applications were truly vulnerable that we began searching for other vendors. We have been testing Phylum for four or five months and it is the only one that puts gates in place to block the malicious code before it gets into our system."
Michael Houch
Phylum Wins the 2022 Black Hat Innovation Spotlight Competition
"At an intimate stage area in the Innovation City section located at the back of the Business Hall, Phylum beat out three other cybersecurity startups to take the title at the inaugural Innovation Spotlight competition. Dark Reading's editor-in-chief, Kelly Jackson Higgins, hosted the awards. Judges picked finalists after viewing video submissions from candidates -- companies that were 2 years old or less and had fewer than 50 employees."
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