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The Software Supply Chain Security Company


Automate software supply chain security to detect new risks, block attacks, prioritize existing issues and only use open-source code that you trust.

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Block Software Supply Chain Attacks

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Phylum offers analysis across five domains, blocks threats before entering the developer workstation

Alternative vendor scans for vulnerabilities and licenses only, allows malicious code to be used

A Comprehensive, Scalable Approach 

Phylum protects organizations, defends developers and enables secure innovation


Automate Vulnerability Reachability


Detect Risks & Block Attacks




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Define & Enforce Software Supply Chain Policy


Operationalize SBOMs

Block Malware (600 × 400 px)

Powerful, Automated Risk Analysis 

Assess package risks across five domains before source code is impacted and protect from unintended consequences of package installations. 

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Score risks based on your unique threat model
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Protect against CI/CD born attacks

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Preview package installation impacts

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Alleviate remediation efforts

Results That Are Impactful & Reachable

Know which threats you need to fix, and filter out the ones you don't so that you can stay focused on what matters. 

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Eliminate manual scanning
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Remove 89% of false positives
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Know if development changes impact existing source code in real time
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See cross-package threat findings
Vuln Reach (600 × 400 px)
Continuously Monitor For Threats-min

Code You Can Trust

Automate software supply chain security and governance to stay protected against evolving threats. 

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Reduce attack surface

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Maintain visibility across the development lifecycle
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Enforce policy
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Validate third-party security posture
Open-Source Ecosystems & Data Feeds

Phylum Research

Follow our blog to stay up to date on our ongoing research updates. 

Bad Beat Poetry
Malware   |   Apr 30, 2023

Bad Beat Poetry

Lockfiles are great. They can also be hard to review and a source of...

Q1 2023 Evolution of Software Supply Chain Security
  |   Apr 25, 2023

Q1 2023 Evolution of Software Supply Chain Security

Q1 insights from the Phylum Research Team.

Attackers Repurposing existing Python-based Malware for Distribution on NPM
Research   |   Apr 19, 2023

Attackers Repurposing existing Python-based Malware for Distribution on NPM

Phylum identifies threat actors repurposing common PyPI malware on N...

Join us on our mission to secure the universe of code

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