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For assistance with technical support, visit our knowledge base or contact us.
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Visit our news & press page for research and company news, and email us with any inquiries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an individual developer. Can I buy Phylum?

We will be releasing more pricing models soon, including a freemium option.

How is Phylum different from Software Composition Analysis tools?

Please check out our ' Why Phylum ' page for more details. 

What does production deployment look like?

We currently offer a Software-as-a-Service deployment. On-premise deployment will be an option in the future.

What languages / ecosystems do you support?

With plans to support 12 additional languages, Phylum currently covers the following:
  • JavaScript/TypeScript via npm

  • Python via PyPI

  • Ruby via RubyGems

  • Java via Maven

  • C#/.NET via NuGet

  • Rust
  • Go