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 Automated Vulnerability Reachability

Know what you need to fix today and what you don’t

Prioritize Fixes & Ditch False Positives

Phylum has automated the answer to the most pressing question in vulnerability management: Do I actually call the code triggering this vulnerability?

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Focus on What Matters

Phylum’s software supply chain security platform allows users to save precious developer time, fix the important vulnerabilities, and improve overall security posture

Contextualize Risk-1

Contextualize Risk

Deep source analysis and call tracing identifies which vulnerabilities impact projects, and which ones don’t.

Prioritize Reachable Vulnerabilities

Graph-powered analysis identifies inter-package call paths to prioritize the most impactful bugs that need fixing.

Continuously Monitor

Continuously Monitor

Automated, continuous policy enforcement that provides alerts if vulnerability functions change due to new development needs.

Open-Source Ecosystems & Data Feeds

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