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The Software Supply Chain Security Company

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Automate software supply chain security to block new risks, prioritize existing issues and only use open-source code that you trust.

Block Software Supply Chain Attacks

Phylum provides powerful, automated code analysis that protects organizations, defends developers and enables secure innovation.

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Detect & Prevent

Analyze risks and block threats from entering an environment


Defend Developers

Protect developers from attackers and empower them with the tools to trust the open-source code they use

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Build & Enforce Supply Chain Policy

Create organizational policy for managing supply chain risks


Continuous OSS Risk Analysis

Automate process and policies to efficiently and effectively protect the organization 

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Third-Party OSS Risk Enforcement

Create and ingest SBOMS, and enforce policy at the edge of the organization

A Comprehensive, Scalable Approach 

The Phylum Platform is purpose built to address persistent and evolving software supply chain security challenges.

Prioritize Vuln-min

Prioritize Vulnerabilities 

Know which vulnerabilities you need to fix, and filter out the ones you don't so that you can stay focused on what matters. 

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Eliminate manual scanning
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Remove 98% of false positives

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Know if development changes will impact existing source code in real time

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See cross-package threat findings

Block Open-Source Risks 

Assess package risks across five domains before source code is impacted and protect from unintended consequences of package installations. 


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Score risks based on your unique threat model
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Protect against CI/CD born attacks
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Preview package installation impacts  
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Enable developers to protect themselves from compromise
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Continuously Monitor For Threats-min

Continuously Monitor For Threats

Automate software supply chain security and governance to stay protected against evolving threats. 

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Reduce attack surface

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Maintain visibility across the development lifecycle
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Enforce policy
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Validate third-party security posture
Open-Source Ecosystems & Data Feeds
Risk Framework Final

The Phylum Risk Framework

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Malicious Code

Find malware and backdoors that can compromise developers, build or production infrastructure.

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Software Vulnerabilities

Identify vulnerabilities beyond curated repositories. Phylum’s ML catalogues vulnerabilities not registered in conventional databases.

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Authorship Risk & Reputation

Correlate human elements of the author persona including country of origin, commit record, social networks and security posture.

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License Misuse

Evaluate the commercial viability of licenses and how they change over time.

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Assess package viability by analyzing test coverage, level of maintenance, technical debt and code quality.

Join us on our mission to secure the universe of code

Sign up for the Phylum Community Edition and work on up to five projects at a time while receiving exclusive access to future beta features. Join the Phylum Slack Community to collaborate with other developers and security professionals, contribute feedback to the product and access community support.

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Phylum Research

Follow our blog to stay up to date on our ongoing research updates. 

Phylum Identifies 137 Malicious npm Packages
  |   Jan 29, 2023

Phylum Identifies 137 Malicious npm Packages

137 malicious packages were recently published to npm that exfiltrat...

A Deep Dive Into poweRAT: a Newly Discovered Stealer/RAT Combo Polluting PyPI
Research   |   Jan 05, 2023

A Deep Dive Into poweRAT: a Newly Discovered Stealer/RAT Combo Polluting PyPI

Phylum uncovers new PyPI malware distributing remote access tools.

Phylum detects a series of suspicious publications on NPM…again
Malware   |   Dec 30, 2022

Phylum detects a series of suspicious publications on NPM…again

Phylum platform continues to automatically identify and block risks ...